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     David (Bo) and Teresa Sosa have pastored Thrive Church in Federal Heights since November of 1997.  They married in 1974 and have enjoyed over 48 years of marriage together.  They have two sons and enjoy spending time with them and their six grandchildren.

Federal Heights is located north of the Denver area.  They enjoy reaching out to this community and providing resources and love to the people of Federal Heights.

     In 2014, our friend, Dr Talargie, asked us to consider starting a school in a remote region of Ethiopia called Debre Birhan.  Debre Birhan is located about 2 1/2 hours north of the capital of Addis Ababa.


  In July of 2014, we arrived at the new Thrive Academy school while under construction.  When the gate opened that morning, we were greeted by hundreds of hopeful faces who would never have the opportunity to go to school if it wasn't for Thrive Academy.

     The school was built for approximately 70 children, but on this day we registered 104 children.  The minister of education had certified that these children were considered the poorest of the poor.  Many are orphans, no fathers, or they are being raised by siblings or Care Moms. We assigned each child a number so we could monitor their progress and allow others in the US to sponsor these precious children.

IMG_3623 3.JPG

     One by one, several children stood before us looking hopeless, hungry and lost.  This is Kalkidan Wondosen, #102 but she is more than a number to us.  As we took their pictures, we realized that many of the children had never been touched, kissed or even held.  The task was huge but how could we look away now that our hearts had connected with this community.    


     In September of 2014, Thrive Academy was opened.  We couldn't wait to open the gate and see the kids in their new school.

IMG_4290 3.jpg
IMG_4305 4.jpg

     Every child has been outfitted in uniforms, Ethiopian teachers and staff were hired, and the cafeteria is open for daily meals. Each child is now receiving a quality education that will propel them into their future and purpose.

     Little Kalkidan is now growing into a beautiful and happy child.  We fell in love with her and now sponsor her each month.  We can't get enough of her warm hugs and huge smiles. We can't describe the feeling of Kalkidan running into our arms each time we visit Thrive Academy. 


     We surprised our students at Thrive Academy.  As we were heading toward the gate, one of the children spotted us and alerted the other children that "Mama T" and Pastor (Papa) Bo were coming.  This is the greatest love that we feel each time we see the kids at Thrive Academy.  They all know our names and we know theirs.  They are not forgotten or overlooked any more. Like Bo says in the video, "It is 


     Over the years, we have been invited to go on several missions trips.  We have gone to other poor and impoverished nations and communities with teams of people only to take pictures, perhaps take food and clothing, and even have provided gifts for the children.  But once we arrived back in the US, we wondered if the children were still eating and attending school.  We decided if we ever went somewhere again, we wanted to know that when we left, the children would still be educated and that they were receiving daily meals and other provision.  

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